Our hero of the month for June is Donald. He is a 7 year old pedigree Blue British Shorthair cat and lives with his human mum and dad and his sister Poppy who came from the same litter.

Donald striking a pose!

“His favourite hobbies are chasing his Star Wars dangling toys, eating biscuits, cat naps, strokes, tickles and brushes”.

When Donald was around a year old he came in to us with breathing difficulties because of fluid on his chest. Tests on the fluid and chest x-rays showed that the problem was due to a mass in the front of the chest called a Thymic Lymphosarcoma. This was a very serious diagnosis that without immediate chemotherapy treatment would have been fatal.

With the help of Liverpool University a chemotherapy protocol was designed and started. He responded well to the chemotherapy which he stayed on for 3 years being a regular at the practice (and a definite favourite for his laid back personality). After the end of the chemotherapy protocol he unfortunately had a relapse and check x-rays revealed the chest mass had returned. Donald went back onto the Chemo with good results.

Donald (right) with his sister, Poppy

Throughout his life he has been a fighter and has suffered with other illnesses that have required treatment but throughout it all he has always been an amazing, much loved visitor to our practice.

His human parents describe him as: “a wonderful little personality, and is regular as clockwork meowing for his food. He is a very docile cat and is happy to be a shadow to his mum or dad; following them around the house”.

Whilst we wish Donald had never had any illness we think he is such a hero for the way he has carried on, always a lovely boy.