We are starting a new feature on our website Hero of the month. Our first hero is Jinx a fantastic dog that was recently brought in with diarrhoea. Although diarrhoea can be a relatively simple symptom this case quickly turned into an unusual and potentially life threatening journey.

Jinx’s owner described their life before her illness to us as “starting every day with cuddles, which quickly turns into a wrestle – usually ending with a paw in my face! She is not shy about letting you know what she wants, which is usually a back scratch, treats or tug of war with her favourite toys…..of which there are many!” which shows the amazing dog Jinx is and also the lovely relationship they have.

Jinx came in to us for diarrheoa and vomiting and the vet kept her in as she was dehydrated. This was not an unusual procedure and many dogs stay in for intravenous fluids and are sent home the next day. She stayed in with us for a few days and some tests were conducted to see why she had diarrhoea. When she was feeling a bit better she went home while we waited for the test results. Unfortunately these came up negative and she returned back to us the same week with bruising on her skin and petechial haemorrhages on her gums. She had also stopped drinking and seemed to be going backwards. More tests were done and she stayed in again.

Jinx was diagnosed with immune mediated thrombocytopenia (this is when the dog’s body starts to attack its own Red blood cells). She was put on more medication to help treat this but sadly she took a turn for the worse and needed a blood transfusion to replace her red blood cells. We placed an appeal on our Facebook page asking for blood donors and were astounded by the response. An amazing dog named Poppy came in and donated blood to Jinx and helped turn around the situation she was in. It is hard to describe how grateful everyone is to all pets that donate blood as it is vital in saving the animals that need the transfusion. We personally would like to thank everybody that offered to help Jinx.

Despite the blood transfusion and careful monitoring, Jinx wasn’t improving as quickly as we would have hoped so it was decided to scan her abdomen to check her liver and spleen. On scan we found an abnormal mass on the spleen. Jinx underwent an exploratory laparotomy the same day and a large splenic mass was found, this was removed and a portion was sent off to an external lab for testing. Jinx has since gone home and is full of life. She comes in for check-ups and is reducing her medications over time. Luckily when the results came back they showed that now the mass has been removed it should not cause any future problems.

We’re sure you’ll agree that Jinx is a Hero having undergone so much in such a short space of time, we were not always sure she would make it but delighted that she has bounced back. We love it when she visits us but the final thought is best left to her owner: “Jinx is a beautiful girl inside and out, she is never far from my side and truly is my best friend. I feel incredibly lucky to have my amazing girl.”