Hi again, this will my last update from Australia and Tasmania. I’m off to New Zealand tomorrow so will have a blog post of that in a few weeks. Then its Hong Kong and home. No idea where the time has gone. I’ve continued to work in Tasmania since my last post and done abit of travelling around. I have really loved my time here and felt I have grown a lot as a vet! We are such a small practice, I have had to learn to be much more independent and to manage my time carefully in order to get everything done. The staff here are great though so I have had a good laugh while doing it!

When I last left off I had done a little bit of touristy things around Tasmania. Since then I have spent the long Easter weekend in Hobart which was amazing. It’s a lovely city and I spent the Saturday wandering around the eclectic Salamanca Market. It is huge and there was such an amazing mix of products for sale and food. There was also some really talented buskers to listen too!

Fur Seals

Hobart has some awesome history as was one of the main places in Tasmania that was sent convicts. I spent the next day in Port Arthur which was the convict prison. As you walk into the silent prison you can just imagine how isolated and depressing it must have been. They even had to go out to exercise separately and the church pews where made up of separate stalls so they couldn’t see or talk to each other! You catch a little boat to the Isle of the Dead (where they buried the prisoners and soldiers). You the get to walk around the graves of all that passed away at Port Arthur. It was actually the prisoners who had to engrave the headstones and so there are a lot of spelling and punctuation mistakes!

I spent my last day on a trip to Bruny Island where I went out on a boat trip to see the beautiful coast line and the Australian Fur Seals. There was hundreds of seals sunbathing on the rocks, lounging around and playing together. They were amazing to watch but not for too long as they absolutely stink!!!

After the long weekend it has been back to work with a little more time for exploring. I went to Montezuma falls last weekend. It is the highest falls in Tasmania and absolutely stunning. You walk out onto this wobbly suspension bridge and feel as if you are about to be pitched over the side. The sun was out when I was there and so the water from the falls and the light was creating rainbows at the base of the falls – so pretty!

Work has been much the same as before, nothing too exciting to report! Maisy the Wombat made a full recovery and is doing well which I am mega pleased about as I was very worried about her. The girls threw me a little leaving party today which was lovely – I am really going to miss them.

So I’m onto the plane tomorrow, got a fair bit of hanging around at the airport to do so don’t actually get to New Zealand till midnight on Saturday. I then have a 3 week tour around all the North and South island. I’m a little bit excited to say the least! I will update again after NZ – bye for now…..