Our first hero of this decade is Moyesy. A 15 ½-year-old ginger tom, he is a very handsome gentleman we are sure you will agree. Moyesy is a very vocal cat who loves purring and always responds to his owners, he also knows how to get exactly what he wants…

It is not always the uncommon illnesses that make a hero and in Moyesys case it was hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is an overactivity in the thyroid glands. The vast majority of cases are caused by harmless swellings but some rare cases are caused by cancer (1-3% of cases). Hyperthyroidism causes a high metabolism, which has many negative effects in the body including weight loss, high heart rate, high blood pressures. It is most common in middle-aged to older cats.

Moyesy’s story starts in January 2019 before he was a client at Park Issa.

“He became very lethargic, no appetite, very quiet and sleepy and then started breathing differently”.

Taken to his vet he was diagnosed with a chest infection which was treated with a course of strong antibiotics and a blood test revealed he was suffering with hyperthyroidism. This meant that he would be on lifelong medication to control his condition, he would also need regular check-ups to make sure that the medication dose was the correct dose for him.

Moyesy then moved to our area, with his regular checks his medication was increased and

“Moyesy seemed well and quickly settled into his new country life, walking up the lane, taking in the scenery, visiting his favourite watering holes namely the manhole cover and plant pot saucer and being inquisitive with a visiting peacock family.”

Moyesy first came to see us here at Park Issa in August 2019 as he needed a blood sample to check his thyroid levels. The results showed that his hyperthyroidism was not under control. This can sometimes be due to an underlying issue so we decided to do further bloods to investigate. These bloods were all normal so we increased his thyroid medication to try and get it under control.
In September Moyesy was rushed into Park Issa with breathing problems, he was admitted to the hospital and x-rays were carried out immediately to see what was happening in his lungs.

“I was so worried and couldn’t think of losing him but he was so poorly I knew it was a possibility.”

The x-rays showed that he had fluid around his lungs and heart which was then successfully drained. Although not initially associated with hyperthyroidism it is common in uncontrolled hyperthyroidism that the heart can be damaged, and this was the most likely cause for Moyesy.

After staying overnight at the hospital Moysey was well enough to go home on more medication to stabilise his hyperthyroidism and heart disease.

“The staff at Park Issa were wonderful, they sorted him out and we were so pleased with the way he responded to the treatment that he was able to come home the following day. The difference in a day was quite evident to see; from a very quiet cat who looked so weak to the very vocal one who was brought out was amazing! He came home on several medications including heart and blood pressure tablets.”

Over the next few months, Moyesy’s blood and blood pressure were monitored and medications either reduced or stopped as he continued to improve. His thyroid levels were finally under control which will help Moysey and his recovery.

Moyesy has been a little trooper in coping with all the procedures and taking his medication and being our hero!