Okay so I left off and I had just arrived here in Tasmania. I don’t know where the time has gone but I have been working here now for 5 weeks! If anyone knows any Tassie geography I am up on the north coast to the west of Devonport, right in Rocky Cape National Park. Well Tasmania is beautiful! The weather here isn’t as hot as the mainland so it’s all green fields, hills and mountains. I have a lovely drive to work along the coast with the sea on the one side and rolling countryside on the other.

I am working for a lady who owns a one-man farm practice but has taken on a one-man small animal practice in a village called Somerset. It’s been pretty crazy here as it doesn’t take much to become busy. You can imagine with just one person all you need is a full morning of appointments and a couple of emergencies and you are rushing around like a headless chicken! I have been doing some farm work but also spending a lot of time in the small animal practice where I am getting some really valuable experience working alone and under pressure – although we thankfully have our quiet times too!

Maisy the Wombat

I am loving the addition of two amazing nurses (oh how I missed nurses in Victoria) who are absolutely brilliant. I have mostly been seeing your usual cats and dogs but I think word has got round that I like rabbits as I seem to have been seeing an unusual amount of them recently! I also had a pretty cool patient in today by the name of Maisy – a 10-month-old wombat! They are so cute and love a cwtch. They have the most amazing anatomy with a hard cartilage plate over their rump region. When they are being chased by a predator they dive head first into their burrow and present their bum which the predator can’t attack very well as it is so hard. They can also use it to crush the predators head against it and the top of the burrow – evolution is awesome ey!

I have had a few weekends off so far to explore. The first weekend here I headed down the Cradle Mountain to walk around the lake. A beautiful 2 hour walk around a pristine blue lake at the base of Cradle mountain. I also spent a weekend down on the East Coast – visited the Bay of Fires which is miles and miles of untouched stunning white beaches which are pretty much deserted.

Tasmanian Devil

I headed to an animal sanctuary on the Sunday of my East Coast weekend to see the Devils. Another cool resident of Tasmania, Tasmanian Devils are actually dying out in the wild due to a disease that causes tumors on their faces. It is contagious and unfortunately devils like to fight with each other over food and so pass on the disease easily. They estimate that they will extinct in the wild in the next 30 years! However, they have a clean population that they are building up in captivity and which they will introduce when the wild population is gone. Of course, I also got some more kangaroo selfies while I was there as they are pretty friendly when you have a handful of roo food!

Wineglass Bay

I then went to the Freycinet National Park. Did abit of off-roading to get to the beautiful Bluestone bay which was deserted and so peaceful. I also hiked up to the Wineglass Bay lookout for some awesome views of the bay and the park beyond it. The East Coast of Tasmania is literally stunning and worth a visit!

So that takes me to now – I have been here for 5 weeks and have 3 weeks left before New Zealand. Hopefully everything goes ahead as planned as NZ haven’t had much luck lately and have just been hit by a cyclone. I will update you all again before I leave!