Okay first off sorry for the extremely late post, I haven’t had any access to a computer for the last two weeks. Well I did technically have one in Adelaide last weekend but the thing was so slow I think I would have thrown it out the window before I had written two paragraphs! Anyhow I am now at a computer station at the hostel I’m staying in in Sydney so I can do a wee summary of the last three weeks.

Camel milk anyone?

So I had my last week of work since my last post. Nothing particularly exciting happened to be honest – it was Dairy week in Victoria which is a bit like Royal Welsh Show so understandably the farmers were pretty preoccupied. I did see a pretty random animal on a dairy farm – because everyone needs a pet camel right?

I was on call for Australia Day which was mercifully quiet, just the one call for a dog who had broken his leg after jumping of the ‘ute’ (basically a truck but they call them utility vehicles). Unfortunately dogs with leg injuries from falling/jumping off vehicles seems to be pretty common round here. Not surprising really when you are going down the road and often see them running precariously round the back of the truck. Had a traditional Australia Day BBQ with everyone from the practice as a goodbye which was lovely.

Oh almost forgot I also tried my hand at water skiing that week! I should probably just say that it did not go well. After being pitched head first into the creek multiple times and swallowing a considerable amount of lovely creek water I decided to give it up as a bad job. My muscles didn’t half hurt for the rest of the week though!

Barossa Valley

So that was the end of my locum work in Victoria. It was an amazing experience and I think it really helped me to grow as a vet. To see how other practices work and to learn alternative ways to treat things is invaluable. As well as that to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and to have to work in a completely different team with different clients has been great for my confidence.  So that was that and two weeks ago I got on a bus back to Melbourne and flew to Sydney to see my Mum for two weeks. She had decided that she couldn’t possibly go 6 months without seeing me and that anyway it was a pretty good excuse to come see Australia.

We spent a week being typical tourists in Sydney. Went to see a David Bowie tribute at the Sydney Opera House which was really good! It is much more impressive on the outside though! We spent a day at Taronga Zoo which is amazing. Lovely views of Sydney harbor while you work your way down the zoo and some lovely enclosures for the animals too. We then got the cheapest train ride ever (6 dollars for 2.5 hours) to the Blue mountains and explored the sights to see there such as the three sisters. I was also told about 100 times that they are blue because of the oil coming off the eucalyptus trees gives them the blue haze – so now you know it too!

After Sydney we flew to Adelaide for a weekend which I have to say is my favourite city so far. It is a little more manageable size wise and less hustle and bustle than Melbourne and Sydney. We spent a day exploring the Barossa Valley on a wine tour. This was pretty embarrassing for me because I don’t think sweet and pink is a very good thing to request of a proper wine connoisseur. I got some filthy looks! We then took a very early morning boat trip to find some dolphins. Two hours of searching and we found a pod of over one hundred and even got to get into the water with them. They are such inquisitive creatures and amazing to see underwater!

Right sorry we are getting there – I’m getting tired just writing all of this. So last week we did a bit of a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne with 4 night stops along the way. We saw some beautiful areas of coast line and national park. Lots of beautiful sandy beaches and rugged cliffs full of interesting features. Of course

London Bridge

we did the Twelve Apostles and everything else the Great Ocean Road had to offer. Its a pretty hairy road around the cliff in places!! We went to an amazing lake in Mount Gambier – from the months of December to March it turns a beautiful blue color that is the most vibrant thing you’ve ever seen then it goes back to grey again. No one is sure why.

So that took us to Melbourne where we had a couple of nights. We did a little tour of the city on one of the old trams which was interesting and we of course had to go and get a traditional parma! So a parma is like a thin piece of chicken which they then cover in ham or bacon and tomato sauce and then a whole load of cheese. Super healthy! For my mum’s final night we went to Cirque du Soleil. Such an amazing show. What they all do is absolutely mad – I was in a constant tense state for their well being!

That all takes me today when we flew back to Sydney. Mum has just left and I am here until Wednesday when I fly to Brisbane and start making my way up the East Coast. Hope you’ve enjoyed the read and I will try to get another post up in a week!