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Tour the Practice

Visiting the vets can be stressful for both you the owner and your pet, here at Park Issa we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere and with features such as separate dog and cat kennels, try to make your pets visit as pleasant as possible.

Please take a tour of the practice to see all the facilities available for you and your pet.

Small Animal Reception

Our main reception area is your first stop in the surgery. Here you will find our friendly reception team, here to help, as well as a waiting area with a life stages food stand and pet healthcare products available to buy.

Waiting Area

Waiting-AreaHere at Park Issa we have two separate waiting area’s the first larger waiting room next to the reception has plenty of seating as well as informative notice boards that are changed regularly to highlight current issues. There is a set of electronic scales available for clients to use to keep up to date with your pet’s weight. If you need help using the weighing scales please do not hesitate to ask, but if you are happy to use them yourself please remember to inform a member of staff so they can update your pets’ records. The second small waiting room is ideal for nervous pets as it offers a calming atmosphere.

Consulting Rooms

consult roomWe have three consulting rooms for the vets at Park Issa, these are fully equipped with modern equipment for a complete examination of your pet. We also have a forth consulting room where the nurses carry out all their clinics and appointments.

Prep Room

prepIn our new extension our modern prep room is where animals are prepared for the operating theatre, this is also where a variety of minor non-sterile procedures are carried out such as abscess lancing. In the prep room we have piped anaesthetic gas, there is also two hydraulic examination table which enables the animals to walk straight onto the table minimising the stress of being lifted.

Operating Theatre

We now have two dedicated operating theatres which are equipped with the latest equipment and fully qualified staff. Only sterile surgical procedures are carried out in here and they have an active ventilation system to prevent airborne contamination of surgical wounds. Our patient’s anaesthesia is monitored using pulse oximetry, a non-invasive medical device used to help determine the blood oxygen levels of the patient.

Imaging Suite

x-rayThis is where our patients are radiographed, our x-ray machine is capable of taking radiographs of our smallest and largest patients. Processing of x-rays is done using a state of the art digital processor allowing x-ray processing of the highest quality within minutes of taking the shot. We also carry out ultrasounds for internal investigation of the abdomen, thorax and chest.

Dental Room

We have a specialised dental room designed for all our dental needs with a modern dental table and a ultrasonic scaler and polisher as well as dental x-ray facilities.

Practice Laboratory

labOur new laboratory has state of the art machines that are vital for quick and accurate diagnosis of many conditions. Having an in-house lab allows for us to get same day results on many test which we can then treat accordingly. All tests we are unable to run in house are sent to our external laboratory.


kennelsIn our extension we have separate dog and cat kennels, this helps to minimise the stress of staying with us here at Park Issa. They are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. In the dog kennels there are also walk in kennels for the larger breeds. Vet beds are used in all kennels for comfort and we are happy to use the pets own bed/bedding if owners feel it increases their pets comfort, especially for longer stay cases. A nurse is on duty in the kennels throughout the day to minimise soiling from the sick animals and closely observe anaesthetic recovery. Our nurses are also on the premises throughout the night and carry out checks on our in-patients as necessary. Our kennel area has its own kitchen area for preparation of food for patients with microwave and washing machine/tumble driers. We also have a separate isolation kennel area for pets with infectious conditions.


Our spacious and well-kept garden at the rear of the Park Issa Vet Hospital is a beautiful area and is ideally suited for exercising our in-patients. The inpatients also have a run beside the kennel area, but are regularly taken around the garden by our nursing staff. We are very proud of all the work our gardener Dave Jones has done and we have won the “Oswestry in Bloom Gold Award 2017”.

Farm Animal Reception

This is where our farm animal clients come in to see our lovely reception staff. They can also pick up medicines and get over the counter advice. We keep the noticeboards current, with topics of interest and there is also a small seating area available if you need to wait for any reason.

Farm Animal Unit-lambing Area

Large-Animal-Unit-LambingThe whole unit was refurbished in early Spring 2006. This front part of the building is where we do our lambing/ewe caesareans and calf operations. The electric consulting table is strong enough to lift 150kg calves and can go right down to the floor.

Farm Animal Unit-Calf Pens

Large-Animal-Unit-Calf1At the rear of the unit are the calf pens used for in-patients such as dehydrated calves on drip feeds. The building has upstairs storage space and also houses our power washer with disinfectant capacity for the vet’s cars, an important biosecurity tool.


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